Jedi Outcast

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tip #3

This tip is about sniping spots in multiplayer games.

There are two spots in particular. One on the Bespin level, and one on the Coruscant level. When using these sniping spots, you don't have to use just the sniper rifle, I use every kind of gun avalible with the exception of the blaster pistol.

When your using weapons besides the sniper rifle at long distances, you have to learn how to "guide" your blaster shots. In multiplayer games, people don't usually stop. They usually keep running. Its a lot harder to shoot moving targets than still ones, so if you learn how to "guide" your blaster shots, you will be winning a lot more.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Tip #2

This tip is about the art of fighting

Your Force powers is the best weapon you can use, provided that you use them well.

I try not to kill anybody if I have to. If I come upon a patrol of six stormtroopers, and I don't wan't to kill them, I take out the E-11 blaster, and run up to them. But before they can even start firing, I force pull them, so that their blasters go flying. Now go and pick up the blasters that the stormtroopers "dropped." If you have full ammo, fire blank shots into the ground, and air running to pick up everyones blasters.

If this sounds impossible, believe it. I went through an entire level without killing ANYBODY.

If you absolutly have to "dispatch" stormtroopers, try this

The Jedi Mind Trick is the weapon I use the most. This is what I do to take out a patrol of six stormtroopers. I use the lightsaber throughout the entire time. I sneak up so that they don't know that I'm there. I target one, and trick him. He will start shooting at the other stormtroopers. While they try to figure out whats happing, I burst in behind them, and force push them down. Using the medium style, I slash two of them before they can even get up. As the other three stormtroopers get up, I force jump in the air, so that I am behind them. I usually slash through two of them, and then use Force Grip on the last one. It takes a while to just wait there choking the stormtrooper. You can lift the trooper high in the air, and smash him into the ground. This takes care of him instantly. All this takes place while the one stormtrooper is tricked. I just leave him alone. He should be coming back to his "evil self" by now, so I use Force Speed to get out of the way.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tip #1

This tip is about the art of STRAFING.

Strafing is essintial to dispatching enemys quickly without getting hurt to much. When I use guns, I usually use the E-11 blaster rifle. This does pretty good against stormtroopers, and other "bad guys" if you aim well for the head.

When using lightsabers, I usually stick with the "medium" style, and strafe left and right